Coronavirus Update

Can I still place orders with The Original Gift Barn?


Absolutely. We follow all current government advice at The Original Gift Barn and continue to offer our usual high-quality service.


What are you doing to ensure that Coronavirus is not spread through products your Partners are selling?

There is currently no evidence to show that the Coronavirus can be spread via products.

Is it safe to receive packages from The Original Gift Barn?

According to current advice, it’s safe to receive packages. We continue to closely monitor all government and Public Health England advice and follow accordingly.

Will my package still be delivered in time?

The Original Gift Barn and the delivery companies we work with, are doing all we can to meet every delivery date. However, due to the unusual circumstances within the UK, some deliveries may arrive later than expected. Although this isn’t the experience we’d hope for our customers, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

What is the returns policy? How can I return an order if I am unable to do so due to self-isolation?

Our returns policy can be found here. If you’re unable to return an order due self-isolation, please get in touch with us.